A Dictionary for Terms in Software Engineering

The Definition of the Term

Given a software-engineering term such as a programming language (JavaScript), a database (PostgreSQL), and a library(ActiveMQ ), the definition of it is rendered from Wikipedia or tagWiki in Stack Overflow. For some terms, its official site is also attached for more details.

Synonyms, Abbreviation
Full Name

One term may have several different writting styles by different users. Such synonyms, abrreviation (optional) and even some frequent spelling errors of the terms are extracted in our site for term disambiguation. They can be adopted as the foundation for mining software repository by normalizing software-engineering texts such as spelling correction, stemming and lemmatization.

Relevant Terms

Terms in software engineering are always related. Given one term, we recommend a list of its related ones which appear in similar context in Stack Overflow such as (java, c++), (mysql, sql-server) and (computer vision, machine learning) . It can be used for recommedation when searching programming-related documents.